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Day #10

Instruction #17: define performance art

gather 100 definitions of performance art

by kanarinka[ site ], Waltham, MA, 2004-09-20 21:47:29


"If you take a picture of my liver, that would be an X-RAY. And then the liver shows up. That is performance art."

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RESULTS: 100 Definitions of Performance Art

  1. No idea
  2. I don't have one, sorry. I'm off to work.
  3. Nope, nope.
  4. On the street. It was performance and it looked artistic.
  5. Performance itself is an art. Art has to do, accomplish work, factually and according to specifications. That its required is its job.
  6. Sorry, I don't speak English.
  7. It's huge! I think performance art is actually creative, making people who are doing it and watching it feel good. Unfortunately it is usually free so no one gets paid.
  8. The problem is what is art. I don't want to put limitations on it, blocking expression.
  9. What? Dance, more than theater. It's action-oriented kind of work.
  10. Performance art would be people who perform as artists - live, plays. They make you laugh or challenge you.
  11. Something about creativity and broadway - a stage show - something like that.
  12. I have no idea. I've seen art. TV. Ontario. [note: hard to understand]
  13. I think of mime. He's performing and his name is art. There is motion so it's not an object. It's human. Sometimes involves naked ladies.
  14. No, it's Friday. Ask us on Monday when we've regenerated. We'll tell you after we've gone to the new Opera house.
  15. Theater. It could be anywhere. The purpose is to influence, inspire to action. I saw a mime who had white paint on his face.
  16. Something theatrical. Speech and drama in South Africa, but i know they don't call it that here. Anywhere - dance, drums. You can study it or just do it.
  17. Nothing like a question like that to make someone feel dumb.
  18. an artist who performs. Street artists, murals on the wall, chalk design .art for art's sake. Why are you asking?
  19. Performance? I think of work: performance reviews. art is good picture painting. We have a picture at work, a white board with marks on it, I wonder how much they paid for it.
  20. acting out something
  21. Ballet, entertainment, it's fun, exciting, challenging to experience. Buskerfest - free outdoors festival, good family entertainment.
  22. any medium of expression meant for an audience [Are you doing performance art right now?] No because I'm not doing it for anybody. I'm doing it for my own purposes
  23. I have no idea. Performance for me -- is behavior, action.Some kind of formal thing. You'd be in a public place to dance or sing. Or on a stage.
  24. Some sort of original artwork artwork involving people [Are you doing performance art right now?] Sure, walking down the street could be performance art. As long as it's not a picture or sculpture.
  25. Theater. I'm sorry my mind is somewhere else right now. I'm not thinking about it.
  26. No. That's ok. no, no, no.
  27. Omigod. I am not an artsy person.Ask my colleague. ballet. I guess my daughter doing ballet is performance art.
  28. dance. pretty much just dance. sorry that's so limited.
  29. It's a hard question. Some kind of free-style musical or acting thing.
  30. Anyway people choose to express what they're feeling. [so could a painting be performance art?] No, I think it involves physical motion. [so could drinking a coffee be performance art?] Yes, if we were, say, trying to protest something about coffee drinking in the city then drinking coffee could be performance art. there has to be an intention.
  31. If you take a picture of my liver, that would be an X-RAY. And then the liver shows up. That is performance art.
  32. I don't want to get involved.
  33. An invidividual expression of a particular art - whatever they're trying to show. It needs effort and planning and some form of creative expression. It needs to be a creative statement that you want to make.
  34. anything that involves performance. Something physical and instrumental, with movement. Physical like dance.[Is what you are doing performance art?] If it is then I'm a bad performer!
  35. I wouldn't be able to say anything. I would see an art show. Not a painting. I think it's a person or individual doing something avant-garde, new, and innovative.
  36. To me it would be something that surprises people. Something you would pay for in a circus, but it's a statue. Something to bring you alive. I'm guessing...
  37. Nothing comes to mind. How we do things in an artistic way. That's my initial thought.
  38. No clue. Something dramatic involving movement.
  39. Singing, dancing, acting, clowning. Anything on a stage. The street corner can be a stage, too.
  40. Theater definitely. colorful. dramatic. dramatic is a good word. Fun. definitely fun. intellectually stimulating.
  41. Teamwork. I work at Royal Bank. [would you call your work performance art?] yes.
  42. Sorry. Sorry.
  43. What we are doing right now.
  44. It could be a number of things - dancing. that's the only thing that pops into my head. I have to go - i'm on lunch break.
  45. My definition. I couldn't even begin to tell you. I'm just a drywaller. [would you consider drywalling performance art?] No, no. More like watching somebody, a live entertainer, trying to get a point across
  46. acrobats and plays. [is what you are doing performance art?] No, now is not performance art. mimes, whatever, that's an art.
  47. I don't know. Exhibiting something beyond yourself, beyond how you normally carry yourself, in order to relay a message.
  48. No, no, no. I don't really have time. No. It's ok.
  49. Singing, dancing, theater. [are you doing performance art?] No, i'm not performing. Doing something creative makes a performance.
  50. Sorry, we are not from here.
  51. Something theater.
  52. Something theater.
  53. Sorry, I'm on my way somewhere.
  54. No, Sorry, I don't have any time.
  55. Sorry, I don't speak English. That's all I know.
  56. Movement. Anything with movement and creativity. Anything that gets people thinking.
  57. Street musicians and stuff.
  58. Some sort of performance that expresses some sort of concept more or less.
  59. Actually taking art to the level of movement.
  60. I can't think right now-- i'm really hungry.
  61. Many definitions: a busker, a street artist.
  62. It's not something I've ever really thought about. People expressing themselves with dance and movements.
  63. Any person expressing themselves.
  64. Live stage performance. Concerts.
  65. Nude photography.
  66. Anything that has any motion to it
  67. No you may not ask me a question. Have a nice day.[Interviewer: Well, I can ask you and you don't have to answer!!]
  68. Sorry I'm not good at this.
  69. Undefinable!! You doing something and me seeing anything I want to see in it!
  70. Street performers, theater, stage,parks. Nathan Phillips.
  71. Something that somebody doesthat's really weird on the sidewalk that you can stand and watch -- that would be really funky.
  72. Sorry - it's a really long question.
  73. Art and performance don't really go together. Art is about perception and performance is work. Art isn't really work.
  74. I heard you guys talking about the trees and your poems -- Forget it!!
  75. Theatrical drama, colorful, intelligent, lots of fun.
  76. it can be whatever YOU define it as
  77. more about person to create in a productive way, to offer something creative, intellectual and physical
  78. I don't have a clue. I am illiterate when it comes to the arts.
  79. Anyways that you are exhibiting your talent for others.I am a drummer myself and that is performance art.
  80. drama, comedy, theater and movies.
  81. activity done for the purpose of providingexamples of something without being scripted(but excluding mime from this definition)
  82. anything where you have an audience and you are expressing something about yourself and the world around you
  83. it is on the stage and touches our daily lives
  84. anything creative, different and interesting for people to see
  85. no, i am sorry
  86. performance art? i do musicand woodworking. I don't know. Something practical.
  87. No, I am sorry.
  88. No, I don't have a moment, sorry.
  89. no
  90. Hm. Anything that involves the body.
  91. No, I am sorry, I can't.
  92. NHL on strike (lack of performance thereof)
  93. I am from Boston and there's this person who stands in harvard square and wears a wedding dress - that is what it is to me.
  94. I don't have an opinion.
  95. Physical movement. It involves people rather than objects. It is modern and creative, innovative.
  96. I have no opinion and i am in a rush.
  97. it's good art!
  98. an art where there are performers in front of me doing something and it has to be live.
  99. public display, has to have meaning. People have to get something out of it.
  100. I have no idea.